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Escaping The Burning Sun: In a World Where Everyone Lives Forever, Why Are People Dying?


Escaping The Burning Sun is an original play by Jaziel Siegertsz. It is a one hour long, one act play, written specifically with the Fringe in mind. The play is a dystopian drama that dissects what it means to live and die, and takes a critical look at our world via the lens of this fictional one. It touches on power imbalances that are growing through wealth hoarding, the ethics of regulating life and death, and the pain that tyrannical governments have on its peoples.


The play follows eight main characters, five of whom the audience don’t meet until halfway through. They live in a world where people undergo a natural biological process called mithalosis. Mithalosis is the process where an individual ceases ageing between the ages of twenty to thirty, and it isn’t unheard of for people to stop ageing early or late. An example of this would be our protagonist, Sagan, who stops ageing at only fifteen. In this world, as one can imagine, overpopulation is a big issue. And it is dealt with by what is supposed to be a random selection. Whoever qualifies in said selection each night is sent up into space on a pod to be incinerated by the sun. To make things fair of course, only those who have stopped ageing are in the running. Fairness, however, is brought into question when fifteen-year-old Sagan is randomly selected to die as she has recently stopped ageing. When Sagan is sent to the pod, she encounters other people who are to meet their end. And through talking to them, not only is the fairness of the selection questioned, but so is the legitimacy of the randomness and the ethics of it all as well as the very foundations their world is built upon. Sagan and her new acquaintances decide that enough is enough and they try their best to escape their fate - to escape the burning sun approaching them.


Quasar Arts is a brand new, emerging theatre company established by Jazz Siegertsz in 2021. We aim to bring new, original, and experimental theatre to light, and to provide artistic opportunities to Adelaidian creatives. Due to Escaping The Burning Sun being Quasar Arts’ premiering production, everyone involved (including Jazz) will be volunteering their time, unpaid. Quasar Arts aims to grow to a place within the next five years (or hopefully sooner) where volunteer positions on our productions become paid jobs. At Quasar Arts, honesty and transparency from us, to you, is something we value with great importance.


Venues are still being negotiated for the production, however, the two venues in consideration are the Domain Theatre in the Marion Cultural Centre, and the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre in Port Noarlunga. Potentially, there may also be a performance or two in a venue in the city. If neither of these venues end up the final choice, the performance will occur in the city and/or south of the city.


Rehearsals will be held at Jaziel Siegertsz’s residence in Morphett Vale. The exact address will be given to those successful in obtaining roles in the play.


Application interviews will be held over zoom at a time negotiated between the applicant and Quasar Arts. There is no cut-off date for applications (unless you consider the end of the production the cutt-off date). 


Escaping The Burning Sun will have multiple performances during the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Season. The exact dates and times are still being negotiated with venues.


Rehearsals will be held twice a week for three hours in duration. At the moment, they are penciled in on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-4pm. As these times aren’t suitable for most applicants thus far, we will schedule the two three-hour weekly rehearsals around the availability of the selected cast. Rehearsals start on the 9th of November 2021 and continue until the performances in February/March 2022.


On the 19th of October there will be a cast cold-read of the script (this is also flexible). From the 19th of October to the 9th November, the cast will have that time to learn lines and be off-script before rehearsals begin on the 9th of November 2021.


Applications will be held at a time negotiated between the applicant and Quasar Arts as mentioned previously. It is not a requirement for people involved in off-stage roles to be at any/all of the rehearsals. People in off-stage roles' presence will be required on an individual basis relevant to their role as negotiated between them and Quasar Arts.


Each interview will be individual and run for 10-15 minutes. They will be held over zoom. Quasar Arts will send the zoom link ten minutes before the interview time.


To book an interview, please download the Application Pack by clicking the button below; It has an application form and another document will all the information about this production.

Once you have filled out the application form, please send it to to arrange an interview.


Note: These are not official titles or positions. They act more as an idea of the things Quasar Arts could use an extra hand with. In an offer of a volunteer position, you can discuss exactly what type of role and responsibilities you would like to take on and for how long.



Costume Designer

Set Designer

Lighting Designer



Social Media Manager

Content Creator

Marketing Manager

Assistant Producer

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