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A quasar is the brightest thing in the known universe. It is the light that surrounds a black hole; the darkest thing in the known universe. 

It only seems a fitting name for us; coming to fruition 'post-2020', in a dark world for those in the arts. In that world, we hope to be a quasar.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 5.54.23 pm.png

We strive towards providing out-of-this-world, creative-arts experiences for audiences all across the globe.


At Quasar Arts, we aim to have all our volunteer artists who make our existence possible be able to turn their volunteer positions into paid jobs through the support of our paying audiences. We are working towards growing from a theatre company producing a volunteer-operated Fringe show in the Adelaide Fringe each year, to a business that creates jobs for artists all over the world that focus on not just theatre, but any discipline that has a spark of creativity at its core.

Established by Jaziel Siegertsz in 2021, Quasar Arts is currently a theatre company running off of the passion of volunteers, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We aim to grow to grow to a point in the next few years where not only do our volunteer positions become paid jobs, but our focus expands to all areas of the arts.

As a brand-new, baby theatre company, Quasar Arts will be launched in the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Festival with our original play entitled, Escaping The Burning Sun; a one-act, sci-fi, dystopian-drama written by Jaziel Siegertsz.

Jaziel is currently Quasar Arts' only permanent volunteer member. Although, he is eager to grow the permanent team! If you are interested in becoming a part of the Quasar Arts team, click this button right here:






Quasar Arts takes the safety and wellbeing of everyone, including children very seriously. We want to provide a safe and inclusive environment to artists of all corners of the human experience. Children (people under the age of 18) are more than welcome to apply to auditions, and crew and production positions as we at Quasar Arts have multiple policies and procedures surrounding working with children, and have completed all the necessary requirements that come with working with children. 

Jaziel was Woodcroft College's Drama Captain in 2018 who established the school's very first Drama Club. It is still running today and is achieving more and more every year! Jaziel graduated Woodcroft College with an ATAR well in the 90's, The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork award (2018), The Woodcroft College Music Award (2018), Woodcroft College's Subject Award for Music in Solo Performance (2018), and even managed to snag an award that before his actions, never existed; Woodcroft College's Award for Outstanding Service to the Drama Club (2018). Jaziel insists that he mentions this all not to brag, but to have you believe him when he claims that he knows what students in the school system want out of their theatrical experiences, having 'been there, done that' and 'all that jazz'... see what we did there?

At Quasar Arts, we have specially designed School Performance Packages that allow schools to have us come perform our shows for them. Knowing exactly what assisted Jaziel's learning and helped him on his creative path, we have Q and A sessions as a part of all our School Performance Packages, because when Jaziel had those sessions at shows on school excursions, they helped immensely with his academic and creative arts learning. But, we also offer the experiences Jaziel only ever dreamed of at school as a part of our School Performance Packages; in-depth script analyses with the cast, playwright, director, and producer, and an opportunity for students to conduct student-led, one-on-one interviews with the cast, playwright, director, and producer.

To see more information about our School Performance Packages, click the button!

To get the latest updates about Jaziel, the rest of our team as they come and go, Quasar Arts, and our productions,

follow Quasar Arts on all the socials! Just look to the left of your screen!

You can also check out our blog on our 'WHAT'S HAPPENING' page through the menu.

As Jaziel is the only permanent member of Quasar Arts, here is a little bit of information about him:


Jaziel is an openly trans and queer creative who has been creating art for as long as he can remember. While focusing on acting, trumpet, and singing for most of his life, Jaziel was trained as a classical soprano vocalist. As he has embarked on his gender transition and begun taking testosterone, he has found himself having to relearn how to use his instrument; his voice. But this has allowed him to focus on all his creative passions that before, lay by the wayside due to his focus on performance.


Now, Jaziel writes novels, plays, and music. His writing has won competitions and his musical performances have won awards. Jaziel regularly works in the Adelaide Fringe Festival as a Lighting and Sound Technician and a Stage Manager for many different places, including Gluttony. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Music in Sonic Arts and is excited to create Quasar Arts' first fictional podcast entitled, Lainey Perry's Proof; applying everything he has been learning about sound from Adelaide University to create a deeply immersive audio experience, while painting a bone-chilling story for the listeners with only great voice acting, and out-of-this-world sounds and original music.


Jazz at the auditions for Escaping The Burning Sun, October 2021

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