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Acting Classes

Quasar Arts are launching acting classes in late 2024. 

Acting for Beginners

$250 for the term (10 weekly lessons)

Acting for Beginners welcomes anyone with any acting experience (or lack thereof) 18 years and older to embark on a journey through the performing  arts.


In this class you will learn the basics of acting for the stage, for film, and for voice acting, with a different focus for each term.

You will get to put what you learn to use by participating in performances at the end of every term.


Acting for Beginners suits people who are brand new to acting, who are looking for fun, or a hobby out of these classes.

Acting at Intermediate Level

for the term (10 weekly lessons)

Acting at Intermediate Level is a class for people with some experience in acting who want to take their skills to the next level.


This class focuses on learning through experience and involves regular performances in theatre, film, and in other media that uses voice acting. 

At the end of each term, you will get to develop your creative CV, your network, and skills by performing onstage or creating another piece of media with a live showing event.

More advanced techniques are explored than what is taught in Acting for Beginners.


Acting at Intermediate Level suits people who want to advance from Acting for Beginners, or looking to take acting more seriously than just a hobby.

Acting for Kiddos!

3 - 6 year olds
for the term (10 weekly lessons)

Acting for Kiddos is a 1-hour class for the young ones to explore the performing arts, make new friends outside of kindy and school, and most importantly, have a bunch of fun!

Acting for Pre-teens

 7 - 12 year olds
for the term (10 weekly lessons)

Acting for Pre-teens is a fun 90-minute class for kids to begin learning acting techniques for theatre and film.


While having a lot of fun, students in this class will begin performing for audiences!

Acting for Teens

13 - 17 year olds
for the term (10 weekly lessons)

Acting for Teens is the same class as Acting for Beginners , but catered towards younger actors.

Once students graduate from this class after turning 18, they can choose which adult class they want to move into based on how they want to continue with their acting journey (eg hobby or professional).

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