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School Performance Packages





80 students/audience members

100 students/audience members

134 students/audience members

200 students/audience members

286 students/audience members

400 students/audience members

667 students/audience members

1,000 students/audience members

Please note that these are just examples on how you as a school can charge your students based on 1. your performance space capacity (as this is for the one performance), and 2. if you will be charging the students, rather than paying for it as a school at no cost to the students.


> Your school

Unlimited students/audience          members 

 > Performance (60 minute                   runtime)

> Q and A with cast, writer,                  director, and producer (20                minute runtime)

> Script Analysis with the cast,            writer, director, and producer          (60 minutes)

> $1,999 (including GST)

The Premium Package for Your Daring Space Explorers


To book the Explorer Package, contact us either via our contact form on our website, our email (, or on our Facebook (@QuasarArtsOfficial).


Compare Our School Performance Packages

> Script Analysis with cast, writer, director, and producer (60 minute runtime)

Exclusive to this package and the 'Heart of Quasar Package', students have a special opportunity to partake in a detailed Script Analysis with Jaziel Siegertsz (writer, director, producer) and all cast members in the show. Ideal for students viewing the show for English essays, Drama students learning how to analyse scripts, and students wishing to work in the arts industry as they will get to discuss the script in detail with the team that took it from paper to the stage.

You can structure the Script Analysis to be for a small group of students with all the cast and Jaziel, or you can have a bigger number of students participate by splitting them up and having a couple members of the Quasar team lead each Script Analysis in groups. This way, the intimacy of the learning experience is not lost on any students.

> Your school

Having the performance at your school saves you all the costs associated with organising an excursion for students to see a performance outside of school grounds. Students' time is also maximised as they no longer spend a couple of hours out of their day commuting and waiting on an excursion.

With that time saved, students can return to classes sooner and miss less class, or they can gain an even more valuable theatrical and educational experience by spending that time, instead, on a script analysis and/or one-on-one interview with the cast. These services are available through our other School Performance Packages.

Unlimited students/audience members

Quasar Arts have calculated our minimum pricing for each package to successfully operate. Instead of then charging extra depending on how many students/audience members there are (like regular ticketing), we have decided to keep our price static to enable as many students to experience our thought-provoking performances as possible!

As outlined in the graphic above, depending on how many students/audience members are present for our performance, you can get out-of-this-world pricing!


Performance (60 minute runtime)

The current show running as a part of our School Performance Packages is 'Escaping The Burning Sun', a one-act, one-hour, sci-fi, dystopian-drama. For more information on the show, including main themes and trigger warnings, click the button below:

Each of Quasar Arts' School Performance Packages include 1 performance of the show. More performances can be negotiated.

Q and A with cast, writer,                    director,  and producer (20                minute runtime) 

Students get the opportunity to have a Q and A with the 8 actors in Escaping The Burning Sun as well as Jaziel Siegertsz, the writer, director and producer (as well as founder of Quasar Arts - students might like to also ask about starting your own business and pathing your own way in the arts industry).

As the Live Performance Award requires casual employees to have a minimum call of 3 hours, Quasar Arts has decided to include a Q and A of 20 minutes in all School Performance Packages free of extra cost. Instead of taking 2 hours total to bump in and out (set up and pack down) without doing a Q and A, we will only take 100 minutes total to bump in and out and spend 20 minutes with students, answering questions, for the same price. In this package, students also get to participate in a Script Analysis with the cast and Jaziel. The full timeframes of this package can be found below.


Escaping The Burning Sun has 8 actors. Jaziel Siegertsz, the founder of Quasar Arts is the writer, producer, and director of this play. This means that for each performance, 9 of our team members are required to make it happen. As we get booked sporadically, all our team members are paid on a casual basis under the Live Performance Award (MA000081). The minimum shift length is 3 hours under the award.


We not only pay our team fairly, but we price fairly. Our pricing and services are designed to maximise student time in class (by eliminating transport to and from an outside venue, as well as the hundreds in bus hire), maximise student engagement and learning opportunities by being able to spend valuable time asking the cast and Jaziel questions, participate in a detailed script analysis with the cast and Jaziel, and in the 'Heart of Quasar' Package, students even get the opportunity to interview members of the cast and/or Jaziel individually for English assignments, Drama assignments, Media assignments, Personal Projects and Research Projects, or their own personal creative endeavours!

As the Drama Captain of Woodcroft College in 2018 who founded the school's Drama Club that is still running today, as a graduating student with an ATAR well into the 90's, as a multi-award-winning student, leader, and performer, Jaziel knows exactly what would have, and what did benefit him best as a student, and as a budding performer. Most performances that he saw for English and Drama did not have a Q and A session. Those sessions were always so immensely beneficial to write better reviews, performance analyses, and reports. But they were more important to him in the way that it was a chance to ask the professionals in his field of choice questions that he would not get to otherwise. Having a one-hour-long script analysis with the writer, director, producer and cast, and the opportunity to have quality one-on-one interviews with them were only a dream. And now, through Quasar Arts, Jaziel is making that dream a possibility for all creatively inclined students in Adelaide.

This is what you get when you upgrade from the Earthling Package!

Quasar Arts will continuously communicate with you to ensure the best customer service experience is achieved. We will provide you with a document that has all of this information and more; such as a detailed itinerary of how the Performance Package will run. We will also provide you with a multitude of other things, such as worksheets for students (of course varied to suit year level and subject area), and all of our admin documents like our Working With Children Checks.

> Timeframe
Quasar Arts will be at your school for a total of 4 hours: 50 minutes to 'bump in' (set up), 60 minutes for the performance, 20 minutes for the Q and A, 60 minutes for the Script Analysis, and 50 more minutes for the 'bump out' (pack down). Students will miss roughly 2 and a half hours of their regular classes: 5 minutes to arrive, 60 minutes to watch the performance, 20 minutes to participate in the Q and A, 60 minutes to participate in the Script Analysis, and 5 minutes to leave.

> Parking
As mentioned previously, there will be 9 of our team members at your school to make the magic happen. Quasar Arts kindly request that there is suitable parking for 9 cars, otherwise we will have to charge a small fee to allow our team to figure out other arrangements. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

> Equipment and Space
All you need to do is show up, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! For our convenience, and yours, we bump in with all our own lights, sound equipment, props, set, costume, make-up, you name it! If you have a school theatre-tech who is happy to quickly plot all the lighting cues, Quasar Arts can discuss that further with you. This does not affect pricing, but can result in a better lit performance in the case where your performance space is an actual theatre with a lighting rig.

Lots of  spaces can work for the performance. The better suited the space you already have, the more ideal! A theatre would be great, then a gym or hall, then a large classroom. We recommend that you get us to use the biggest space available in order to have the most students come see the performance. We will liaise with you about spaces and what we can and cannot do before we come for performance day. Depending on how many students you want to keep around for the Script Analysis, the Quasar Team and the students can move to a more intimate setting such as a classroom (or a meeting room with one big table and lots of chairs).

> The Quasar Team
All members of the Quasar Arts team are required to have a valid CRES or WWCC for school performances. We have multiple policies and procedures in place to operate professionally, and safely; for children and adults.

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